"Pearly wand, grant a wish for me! Make these birdies grumble free. Instead of feeling so grumpy and grim they'll build the Birdies' Seaside Gym."

Valerie Handelsman

Illustrator: Lynn Jasmin

Graphics: Donna Stark

7x9, soft cover, full color

$9.99 + tax and shipping

Fighting Crime is their job. The Sleepy Pelican Police never give up. They spend many days and nights trying to catch those that break the law. Sometimes the criminals get away and break the law again.

​Dream, Dream, Dream,

Monica was always dreaming.

A fast-paced and exciting story that portrays a lesson in consequence. Ages 5-8

​Valerie Handelsman

Illustrator: Lynn Jasmin

Graphic Design: Donna Stark

7 x 9,  soft cover, full color

$9.99 + tax and shipping

Many sea creatures make their homes on the coral reef. This story helps children understand these special living relationships. Ages 5-8

Valerie Handelsman

 Illustrator: JAMES MAHRON

6X9, Full Color, Soft Cover, $7.95 + Tax and Shipping


Valerie Handelsman


7X9, Full Color, Soft Cover,

$9.99 + Tax and Shipping  

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A family of manatees find themselves traveling a long way from home. Life-changing events turn an ordinary manatee into a hero. Ages 5-8 

A thought-provoking children's story. Ages 5-8. An abrupt change of habitat leads these little birds on a quest for survival.

Coming Soon - The Turtles Go To School

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Lobster Monica,

Back by Popular Demand...

Now Available in Spanish.....$9.99..

Valerie Handelsman

Illustrator: Erin Miller 

Graphic Design: Donna Stark

7 x 9, soft cover, full color

$9.99 + tax and shipping

Valerie Handelsman

Illustrator: Carmen Kelley

Graphic Artist: Cortney Tucker

7 x 9, soft cover, full color

$9.99 + tax and shipping