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Be sure to order our newest edition-Birdies' Seaside Gym.

Birdies' Seaside Gym is a compelling story that enlightens a child's understanding of exercise, and encourages creativity to solve problems.

The Little Thoughts Team includes published authors, teachers, graphic design artists, proof readers and printers. Let us help you publish.



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​​   We are looking for illustrators! Computer graphics not necessary, but desirable. Pay is budgeted per title and commensurate with experience. 

   We need 5 title trailers with voice. Pay is budgeted per title and commensurate with experience.

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Little Thoughts for Little Ones Publishing brings a variety of fictional children's books to the market place. Our books depict meaningful fictional stories and are designed to teach and entertain children.

Book Awards.We deliver products that can be displayed in libraries. 

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  • We purchase the rights to selected manuscripts
  • Full or partial publishing services  
  • All publishing contracts are completed under a work-for-hire business plan 
  • Do you have a disability + artistic talent.  Keep in touch. Work-for-Hire positions are posted on this page.

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